Friday, August 1, 2008

Crazy week

With Ian home we spent the week catching up on sleep and getting back into a routine.  Soccer practice started the minute he walked through the door as did the requests for last minute slumber parties.  He was either at someone's house or someone was here three nights in a row.  To say he is sleep deprived is an understatement.  

We also went school shopping and are still trying to fit in all those last minute appointments like the eye doctor, hair cut and dentist.  The school shopping was a real "treat"!!!  I spent three days at 10 different stores only to buy a few things from only one store!  He is worse to shop with than Jeff.  Talk about a yuppy.  You guys who know Jeff know how much fun he is to shop with......NOT!!  Well Ian didn't fall far from that tree.  I am starting to wonder about that nature vs. nurture thing.  Jeez!

McKayla on the other hand is easy, throw it in the cart if it fits and it is pink, purple or has sparkles on it.  I hope she is that easy as a teenager but I don't think I could be that lucky.  

Today is the eye appointment, Monday is the dentist and orientation.  Somewhere in there we need another shopping trip and a trip to the zoo.  I really miss year round school.  The whole transition to the next grade seemed easier then.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hello our California friends...are you all OK?  Jnet just called and told me about the earthquake.  It was a!  We hope that you are all fine and everything is still standing.

Email me if you get the chance....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hannah Montana and the slumber party

Last night as many of you know was the 3-D Hannah Montana concert with special guests the Jonas Brothers.  We decided to let McKayla have a friend spend the night.  We let Ian do so as well so the girls would not try to dress him up and make him dance with them.  

It went very well but the girls could not figure out the little 3-D glasses (they kept falling off) and I think they expected Hannah to jump off the TV at them.  Well she didn't so we ditched the glasses about a third through the movie.  We ate cupcakes (provided by my good buddy Jilly Bean!), ding dongs, m&m's, popcorn and Sugar Babies.  By the time the movie was over I was tired and the girls were jacked up on sugar.  Good thing the boys played dodgeball with them for over an hour after that.

This morning I was sure my little angels would all sleep in.  NOPE!  McKayla - of all people - was up at 6am!  What sort of child am I raising here?  6AM on a Sunday morning, that is just wrong on so many levels!!  She looks me in the eyes this morning and says "but mama, it was sunny outside so I thought it was time to play".  Who could argue with that?

A fun night for all.  I hope all of you enjoyed your Hannah Montana night.  Next up the Cheetah Girls movie.  What does it say about me that I know the Disney Channel line up better than CBS or ABC???