Friday, October 10, 2008

Nothing Really

Hi there!  You know for as much as we have going on in our lives there is really nothing to report this week.  We are getting ready for our fall break next week, which is exciting because my Dad and Jnet are coming to visit.  But other than that we are just moving along right now.  I guess that is good,  no news is good news, right?

The weather is changing, but much slower than I expected.  It has cooled down some but we are still having very pleasant days, over 70 degrees and rain maybe once a week.  The geese are still hanging out in the yard in the early morning and late afternoon and the leaves are slowly changing.  

That's about it folks.  Soccer is almost done - well outdoor soccer that is.  We start Futsol indoor soccer next month.  That is something new for us and we are excited to see how the boys react to a heavier ball.  

Have a good weekend everyone and maybe I will have something exciting to tell you about next week!