Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're 6 today!

McKayla Rhea is 6 years old today!  She woke up this morning and said, "mommy, I can count my age on two hands now!"  Yes, you can baby girl, yes you can.  She is getting so big.  I can't help but look back and remember poor Jeff panicking over her arriving in the middle of the night....funny guy.  The day she was born my mom came over and helped us get the house ready, we waited for Ian to get home from kindergarten and then we took off for the hospital to be induced.  (Jeff really didn't want any surprises)  I remember Jnet running into the room (they only wanted 2 other people in there) and seeing the look of triumph on her face because she snuck past the nurses station.  A few drugs and groans of pain later I had a 6 pound Japanese bundle of joy.  And boy was she Japanese.  I am sure the nurses wondered how this kid belonged to the very pale white girl in the room down the hall.  : )

This weekend we had her birthday party at the house.  Grandma Takako and Jnet came to celebrate too.  There were 15 children running around, 99% of them girls!  It was organized chaos.  She had a great time though.  Tonight we are skipping ice skating and soccer practice and going to dinner at Red Robin.....yahoooey!  I would have voted for Cheesecake Factory but hey, not my birthday.  Here are some pictures of her big day for you all to enjoy!