Friday, September 19, 2008

Dallas, Relay, sick kids and money!

It's been a while my friends.  I have had two very busy weeks.  

Last weekend I went to Dallas...yes while there was a hurricane.  You know me, I don't do easy.  I went to Dallas for a leadership conference for the American Cancer Society. We had a really great time but we were a little worried that the storm was coming to get us.  I learned a lot, cried a lot more and met some really fabulous people.  You know what I love best about Relay?  I meet the most fabulous people who are so generous, kind and just fun to be with.  I love to Relay!

Sick kids, well one sick kid and one sick dog.  Jeff called me Saturday while I was on a break to tell me that my puppy dog had an ear infection.  Poor little dude.  He winced when a friend of ours went to pet his ears and Jeff just knew he was not doing so well.  $200 later, we have more meds than we could ever need and a healthy dog.  

So, as I am on my way to the vet on Monday to get Gunther's ears cleaned out again my cell phone rings.  It is Ian and he has a throbbing headache and his throat is on fire (that is the way he described it to me)  Another visit to a different kind of clinic and Ian has a sinus infection.  More meds on the counter for us!  Not a good week for meds and doctors - or maybe it was a good week for them, they got my $$

And finally some money!  Lots of money actually.  When I was filling out my financial aid packet this past February, they asked me to fill out a generic scholarship form as well.  It asks some basic questions about organizations you belong to, awards, major, etc.  Nothing big and it is mostly fill in the blank.  I filled it out and never thought about it again until Wednesday.  On Wed, I got the most fabulous letter that stated a group from the school wants to give me a $1000 scholarship for the year!  Yahooey!  I was so excited that when I called to accept the dinner invitation for the award recipients a box of rocks fell out of my mouth.  I couldn't think or speak or anything.  The assistant just giggled at me and said she understood.  Oh well, box of rocks and all I got me a scholarship and I didn't even have to type up a 3 page essay (like some of the other applications I filled out).  Very exciting stuff.

All in all my week wasn't bad.  Sick kids but some money in the bank.  Nice week.  Let's see what next week brings us?  Probably snow!