Monday, June 16, 2008


This weekend was the Omaha Relay for Life event.  It was nonstop action from Thursday night until yesterday when I finally woke up at 1:30pm.  The event here is not 24 hours like it was in California.  So that makes a big difference in the sleep schedule and catching up I think.  We spent all Friday afternoon setting up and then went about our normal Saturday activities.  Around noon on Saturday we went to set up our own camp and get ready to roll. 

The event was a great success but much different than I was used to.  First off, many of the teams left after midnight.  By Sunday morning there were only about 150 people left - we started with over 1300.  Very weird to me.  We raised a tremendous amount of money even with the bad economy, $335,000.  Pretty darn good I would say.

Today though I am hurting.  I am crabby, tired and way behind on my homework.  The kids are grating on my nerves and the in-laws (who are here to watch the kids while we go to the Cayman's) are trying their best to keep the kids out of my hair!  I stayed all night at the event and some friends stayed with me - because Jeff went home and went to bed.  I got home around 8am, took a shower, listened to a freak storm hit and finally fell asleep after 9am.  Around 1:30pm, Dad decided it was time for me to get up and wish him a Happy Father's Day.

Not exactly a relaxing weekend but great just the same.  I think I am getting too old to stay up for 24 hours though.  My "party like a rock star days" are over....well tomorrow is my 35th birthday so that pretty much says it all.