Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun filled days and.....SNOW!!

We have had a great week with Dad in town.  We took him to the bowling alley - two in fact - the Ak-sar-ben (read it backwards) aquarium/game/fish office to buy a turkey tag, the Durham museum and tonight we are going to dinner to celebrate his 70th birthday.  Yes, he is 70 this year! We also drove half way across Nebraska to see two soccer games, went ice skating and ate some really good cherry pie.  We love when he comes because he is usually up for any adventure.

The snow? oh yeah we have snow on its way.  Yesterday we had a tornado warning, today it is pouring and tonight through Sunday snow is supposedly on its way.  Doesn't Mother Nature understand the meaning of SPRING!  Jeez.  What a winter.  

Well it was crazy but we have enjoyed our company, the kids being home and Dad getting to sleep in.  Even if we did have two doctor appointments and a root canal.  Again, what a week!