Friday, June 27, 2008

We're Home Mon!

We're home from the Cayman Islands!  Didn't know we were going?  Ooops, we sort of got busy and I think I forgot to mention it.  But here we are home at last and fairly well rested.

Kirbi, Jnet, Gigi, Jamie and Pa

It was  a great trip!  I mean how many times do you get to watch one of your beautiful nieces get her white coat from medical school.  We are so extremely proud of her.  We are so extremely proud of all of them.  All the girls went, except for Ashli who got to see Chelsi a few weeks back while she and Shelby were on a cruise.  Oh and by the way, I am going to be a great aunt....Ashli and Shelby are pregnant!!  If you are wondering, which one is Ashli?  second oldest and Chelsi is the third oldest.  Quick catch up...Britt - the oldest - is managing the garden department at Home Depot in Fresno, she loves the plants.  I think I will have her come out and do some landscaping.  Ashli is next and married Shelby last May and is now going through pharmacy school and two months pregnant.  Chelsi is in the Grand Caymans finishing up medical school and will do her rotations back her in the states this fall.  Next is Kinsi who is a sophomore this fall at ASU and will go into dentistry school when she graduates.  Last but not least are the triplets who are going to be juniors this fall in high school.  Got it?  Good, now back to my trip....

(From left to right: Kirbi, Courtni, Kinsi, Britt, Chelsi and Abbi)

The trip was wonderful, just Jeff and I.  We haven't been away since our honeymoon almost seven years ago.  We went snorkeling, yep I did - and some of you know I am afraid of the ocean.  I ate sushi, yep I did, again afraid of the sushi.  We seemed to eat a lot actually and spent a lot of time at the beach outside of our hotel.  While snorkeling I saw a SHARK!!  It was so cool.  I thought it was normal and it didn't bother me until my sister said that's not NORMAL!  Oh well, I still have my legs.  We also went to sting ray bay.  My niece, Chelsi, who was a wonderful tour guide, hooked us up with this woman who owned her own boat tour company.  We were able to put all of us on one boat and didn't have to share!  We went out late in the afternoon and by the time we got to the bay all the tour boats were gone for the day.  So, not only did we have a boat to ourselves we have the rays to ourselves as well.  They were so awesome!  After a little squealing and nervousness, everyone got into the water and played with the gentle animals.  After that we took a quick ride over to a reef and did some snorkeling. Captain Charlie then gave us a real treat and put up the sails on the boat and gave us a sunset sail.  Such a great day!  Probably one of the best days of my life, I am still smiling.

Sting Ray Bay and snorkeling on the reef

Not only did we have a great time, but my wonderful husband bought me a completely waterproof camera for my birthday and we used it constantly.  I have some fabulous photos to boot!