Friday, August 29, 2008

Our first tooth!

McKayla has finally lost her first tooth.  I am not all the thrilled about it...first, her 6th birthday and now this!  What else, her first boyfriend?  Jeez!

Even though I am not all that thrilled she is tickled pink.  All her friends have lost the first four teeth already and so this was a very big event in our house.  She is finally one of the big girls now.  I don't know if you guys remember but Ian lost his teeth late too.  I am sure she will follow.  (Although the other four are pretty wiggly, jiggly right now)

Oh and did I tell you that today of all days is picture day!  Couldn't we just wait one more stinking day....again, jeez!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Move over Beckham...we have our own super star!

Yesterday was the first official soccer game of the season.  We had two back to back games.  One for the regular team Ian is on and one for the special select team he is on.  Last year a friend of his asked him to try out for a team where the boys are one year older than he is (this year it is U12 - Ian is still 10yrs) and he made it.  He is playing on that team again this year.  At the end of the spring season his coach and another coach from a local team put together a combo team to play in a U13 league.  The major differences on this team is the boys on the other teams are older, the field is bigger and it is 11 vs. 11 instead of 8 boys on a side.  He made that team too.  We are so excited for him.  (Maybe one day he will be rich and buy mom a pool, a car and hire me a maid!)

Anyhoo, yesterday was the first day of the season.  I am sunburned, he is SORE but we had a great time.  They won their first game 5-1, Ian had four goals that first game.  The second game we won 7-0, he had two goals which is pretty awesome considering the other boys outweighed him by 100 pounds!!!  He looked so stinking little out there.  

What was really great, was the passion we saw when he played.  It wasn't so much about winning it was about the game, the moves, the ability to out maneuver the other team.  It was a sign of his maturity and dedication to something other than a video game!  It was just awesome!  Now if I could just get him to turn in his homework on time....but that is for another blog  : (

Here are some pix.....