Monday, March 23, 2009

A Dance!!

So here I am stuck with varying degrees of emotions running through my brain.  Ian is going to his first dance this Friday and he has a date!  I know, just a crazy thought.  I am so excited for him on the one hand but at the same time I have this knot of dread in my stomach.  

When did he grow up? 

Was I seriously not watching?

Anyway, this very nice girl in his class called this weekend to ask him if he would be her date.  WOW!  I don't think I ever asked a boy to a dance, not at that age any way.  So, now he has a date to the dance and is looking for just the right t-shirt to wear.  Too funny, a t-shirt.  Maybe I have nothing to worry about if he is just worried about a t-shirt.  : )

If he asks Jeff for cologne then I know I am in big trouble!

I will keep you posted......