Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why we Relay!

It is just a few short days until the Relay for Life event in Oakdale, CA.  As most of you know I am raising money in both states.  I truly believe that the money raised should stay in the state where it can benefit each donor the most.  

This year marks the $10,000 mark for our family.  When Jeanette and I started raising money for cancer research I don't think either of us could have imagined the impact that both cancer and the events that we have participated in would have on us.  We started with the O.C. Komen Walk for the Cure as a good way to raise a little money and get some exercise.  When we lost our cousin Katie to breast cancer, we needed to do so much more.  So, the next year we trained for the 2-day Avon Walk for the Cure.  We raised money and walked our behind's off that year.  That seems like such a lifetime ago.

Today, we raise money for a cure for all cancers.  We do it through the Relay for Life events.  The American Cancer Society has given much to our family in support, friendship and guidance when we needed it the most.  We are honored to be a part of this event and hope that everyone who has donated to us past and present is as well.
So, this weekend is the first event in California, with the Nebraska event following in mid June.  Again, we thank everyone for their support and outpouring of love. Someday we will find a cure so no one every has to hear those terrible words again, "you have cancer."  

This year in Oakdale, our family donated the Survivor tent in Mom's honor.  The event chair and survivor chair have promised me some photos that I will post as soon as I get them.  If you have not had a chance to donate yet and would still like to here is the link Oakdale Relay for Life 

Much love to you all!  

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun emails

My friend Beckie sent this to me and instead of filling it out and sending it around I decided to use it as my post today.

I could only use one word to answer the questions, I think I cheated a few times.  

1. Where is your cell phone?  desk

2. Your significant other? hunting

3. Your hair?  sassy

4. Your mother?  missed

5.  Your father? 70

6.  Your favorite thing? chocolate

7. Dream last night? scary

8. Your favorite drink?  coffee

9.  Your dream/goals? peace

10.  The room you're in?  office

11.  Your hobby?  Relay!

12.  Your fear?  failure

13.  Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Bahamas

14.  Where were you last night?  couch

15.  What you are not?  stress-free

16.  Muffins?  Yum

17.  One of your wish list items?  sunshine

18.  Where you grew up?  Lomita

19.  The last thing you did?  eat

20.  What are you wearing?  flip-flops

21.  Your tv?  Off

22.  Your pets? Adorable

23.  Your computer? iMac

24.  Your life? adventurous

25.  Missing someone?  family

26.  Your car?  Blazer

27.  Something you're not wearing?  jacket

28.  Favorite store?  Target

29.  Your summer?  fun

30.  Favorite color?  purple

31.  When you last laughed?  today

32.  Last time you cried?  Friday