Monday, August 4, 2008

The Big Day!

The big day has arrived.  I always thought the day you picked up your class schedule was bigger than the actual first day of school.  Today we went to the middle school to pick up Ian's schedule, get his ID and photo taken and take care of other business.  We tried out the locker which is a bit sticky, and checked out some of his classrooms.

The good news is that his buddy has the locker next to him but his best friend is located on another hallway.  He does have a class with one buddy but not his other.  All things said it is a pretty good schedule.  He is excited.

He has been on the phone all afternoon talking to the guys about their schedules and trying to match up their classes.  I remember those days.  Of course I hung out with the brainy bunch and I never did have classes with them.  I was the dumb one among the bunch.  : )

We did finally get some school clothes for his skinny little body.  He picked out a pink Abercrombie shirt for pictures today....yes, all on his own.  He looked pretty good as you can see - McKayla not so much.  Ah the fun is just beginning.  I am so excited for him but sad at the same time.  I can't believe he is junior high.  They grow up just too fast!!

Hot, hot, hot!

This past weekend was a hot one so it was lucky that Jeff's company was selling cheap tickets to Coco Keys the indoor water park.  We had a really good time with our friends Jill, Brian and their kids Abby and JJ.  Here are some pictures from my new underwater camera.  That thing really kicks butt!  If you go to the pool, ocean or any body of water often I highly recommend one.  It takes great regular pictures and look at the ones underneath the water.  (Of course this is yucky pool water you are looking at so keep that in mind).

Abby and McKayla synchronized swimming!

Ian under the giant water bucket

Ian and JJ 

JJ and Brian