Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Politics

I had to do a little post today about our upcoming presidential election.  Last night we watched Gov. Sarah Palin speak and all I can say is WOW!  For me, it doesn't matter whether I am a Dem or for the GOP she was an amazing speaker that I think most of us moms could relate to and understand where she was coming from.  This morning Cindy McCain said it best, she told Good Morning America that she didn't necessarily agree with everything Palin believes in but she respects her views.  After last night, listening to her powerful speech, I didn't feel like she was another  typical politician speaking down to me as a citizen.  Instead she is a mom, a wife, a concerned citizen who knows what it is like to have high gas bills and feed seven mouths every night without the help of a personal chef!  I too don't necessarily agree with everything Palin says but I sure do respect the lady.  That is more than I can say for a lot of our Johnny come lately politicians.  

No matter who wins this race, I am happy to see that we are making change and this year we will make history one way or another.  Let's hope that this wonderful change is not overshadowed by a bad leader later on down the road!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It is cold today!  And I don't mean that it is a little bit below 80 degrees either!  It is only 62 degrees outside, breezy and not going to get much warmer (it was 48 degrees when I took Kayla to school)!  

What happened to my summer?  My days of laying out by the pool now that the kids are gone and won't whine when I just want to tan my hide?  My days of cool summer coffee's outside?  They are gone my friend that is what happened to them!  Gone I tell ya!  

Mother Nature decided that this past weekend was the end of warm, glorious weather for us Nebraskans - although it is beautiful today, not a cloud in the sky.  We have already seen the geese-a-flocking and the trees-a-changing.  

Oh well, so much for that pool idea.  I guess now instead I will focus on buying Halloween candy, digging out those sweatshirts and college football!  (Which by the way, Nebraska won, UCLA won and ND plays this weekend!)  Yeah football!

Have I told you guys yet, this sure ain't California  : )