Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today and the days before it....

Today is Tuesday, just an ordinary day.  But I decided today that I needed to put my life back together from the disaster I call school and Relay.  Today, I decided to start doing the little things again that I have missed out on for the last year and a half.  I have submersed myself in all things school and Relay For Life and while both have been worthwhile I have missed the little things in life.  Especially the little things that now have big feet and toes.

I played on the swing set this weekend for hours with the kids.  It was so much fun, I even got a little motion sickness : )  I have been so consumed by my other obligations that I had forgotten how to go outside and just "be" with them.  We played with chalk, played hopscotch and even went on a small meaningless walk.  It was very nice just to be with them again.

Mother's Day was this weekend as well.  I miss my mom terribly.  It gets harder with time, did you know that?  Not easier.  Anyone who has ever said the pain will ease with time has never lost a parent.  It does not get easier.  The memories fade and aren't as brilliant and that hurts the most.  My mom loved Erma Bombeck and I remember vividly when she died because my mom shared the poem Erma had written that so many of us have seen.  My mom too was busy in life and wished she had slowed down to just "be" with us.

Today, in honor of my mom and Erma I have decided to let the homework go, let the urgent emails slide, get off my tush and go outside with my kids before their feet are bigger than mine.