Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th everyone!  What are you doing today?  We are going to relax, enjoy our unseasonably cool weather and hang out with some friends.  Two of my favorite things in Omaha: we can shoot off fireworks and I mean the really cool kind that shoot up into the sky and chasing lightening bugs.  And we get to both of those things tonight!  There is some apple pie to eat too.  Very American I think.

We hope that everyone has a fabulous day spending time with your families.  Go eat, drink, be merry and be safe!  Happy 4th of July!!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A few more pix

I felt like posting a few more photos from our trip today.  Jeff and I never get to be in the same picture so this is a rare event that we have more than one picture with both of us in it!

This photo here is of our last dinner on the island.  Jeff, being the wonderful research guy he is, found us a fabulous restaurant right on the water.  The food was fantastic!  This is where I tried the raw fish.  I had a ceviche with Wahoo (sort of like Mahi Mahi) and a seared yellow tune with ginger sesame sauce...yum!  My dad had lobster and shrimp that was drowning in cream and I had some mango shrimp and some veggies.  Why am I writing about food?  Because you all have had one meal in your life that was just to die for and this was that meal.  

And here are some pix of all of us and the three siblings.  Not the best photo in the world but we don't get together all that often so any picture of the three of us is a good one!