Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday fun

Well two weeks left until school and the kids are doing some really fun things.  This week, McKayla bridged to the Brownie troop, they were so cute on the little bridge.  Ian had girls in the basement - but you already knew that.  Today Kayla had a field day where the PE teacher set up courses for all sorts of games.  They had a three legged race, potato sack race, raced around the cones, tug-o-war contest.  She is pooped!  Next week there is the kindergarten program and a field trip to the farm.  Ian has graduation coming up soon with a party afterwards and a swim party at the Y on Saturday.

So lots of fun things this week.  Soccer is over for the time being.  Try-outs are in June though.  He better get to practicing his foot skills if he wants to make the team this year.  We are going to plant some more this weekend and have 14 little girls coming over to talk about Brownies for next year.

Yep lots of fun, lots of activities...I am just tired thinking of it.  Hope you all had a great week too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A sad day

The day started out pretty well.  Had an iced mocha this morning, went into McKayla's classroom and read - which is always entertaining, had lunch with a friend.  Then I went to get the mail.  And Beckie who is reading this right now knows why I am so sad.....their house SOLD!  

Gunther and I were out grabbing the mail on this gorgeous day when I noticed something missing from the Gilmore lawn.  It was the little stand that held the flyers for the house.  It wasn't there but I was sure it had been there earlier this week.  So I looked about a bit and sure enough there is a big SOLD sign on the lawn.  

I am so happy for our neighbors that this burden has finally passed.  Goodness knows we understand what it is like to have two mortgage payments and two houses in different states.  But it is sad because...well, I guess they aren't coming back.  

Hopefully we will have a nice family that is buying the house.  Maybe Beckie will post some info in the comments section here to let us all know what sort of neighbors we will have.

A sad day BUT I am so happy for the Gilmore family!  Congrats and WHEW!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girls in my basement

Ian's class has a group science project that is due this Thursday - don't even get me started on when I found out about it.  Anyhoo, it is a large group project with different pieces to it.  Right now there are 4 girls and 2 boys in the basement.....pre-teenage girls and boys.  Everything filters into my office from below and the conversations are SO interesting.  Are they getting work done?  Sort of.  But mostly they are talking about who likes who and who is going out with who.  I am so not ready for this stage of my life.  I am a perpetual teenager myself, as most of you can attest to.  How can there be pre-teens in my own basement?  What a day it has been.  Why can't they go back to just eating paste and having cooties?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful moms.  I wanted to tell everyone that over the years each of you have touched my life in such a special way.  I am so thankful for my two beautiful children, but I am especially thankful because they are the reason that we are all friends.  I am thankful they brought us together.

I wish you all a fantastic day with your little blessings.

XOXO , Jamie