Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Diva!

McKayla got her haircut today.  Let me just tell you....DIVA!!  A few months back her friend Kaitlin decided to grow out her bangs so, what should happen?  McKayla wanted to grow out her bangs too.  Then after that the other neighbor girl, Sydney wanted to do it too.  Well guess what, Sydney and Kaitlin have shorter hair than Kayla does and a lot less of it too!  It was not fun but we let her do it.  The bangs finally reached her chin this month and I said I was chopping it off so that we would not have to fight everyday about the hair style for the day.  So here she is....Miss Nebraska Princess....

I just love it!  I can't wait to wash it and see if her curls come back some.  When we saw it on the floor, there were six inch strands and they all had some curl to it.  Remember when she had those beautiful big curls as a toddler?  I sure do miss those.