Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Loving Memory...

Last night I found out that my uncle passed away during surgery.  I had to write it down somewhere so here I am.  He went in to have an aneurism on his kidney taken care of.  It was causing problems for his heart and his kidneys.  They were going to do a renal bypass and repair the aneurism at the same time.  It was to be a 4 hour surgery but turned into a 7.5 hour surgery instead.  He took 10 units of blood and they did what they could but his body just couldn't handle the stress of it all.  

My uncle was the most vibrant, energetic and loving man you could ever meet.  He was still playing tennis and kicking everyone's butt up until recently.  His dimples were the size of saucers and his laughter was contagious.  We would listen to him tell stories about his family and just howl with laughter.  He was my grandmother's youngest brother, but because of his age he was more like a big brother to my mom.  He and my sweet Aunt Bonnie were my mom's favorite relatives.  

Jeff and I will miss him very much....

In loving memory
Leon F. Adams
February 13, 1930 - April 9, 2009