Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're still here

I have been bad!  I have not posted a thing and my friends are wondering if I/we fell off the face of the earth.  Guess what?  We're still here!!

So instead of writing a long winded note 
I have decided to give you a list of what has been happening in our crazy household  : )

Starting at the beginning of the year....

1.  Family finally left .....whew!

2.  Enjoyed the rest of winter break just to get....

3.  The flu!  I got it really bad and the kids got some variations - even with shots!

4.  Brownie meetings - oh the joy of having 15 girls together in a small space  : )

5. Brownie field trips - the good thing about this is that we aren't in charge!!!

6. Relay For Life kicks off and ....

7.  Ian starts his own Relay team.  http://main/

8.  Ian starts soccer again - playing indoor soccer for two teams

9.  My great - nephew Connor Keith is born!!

10.  Relay meetings every week!

11.  I start school - 5 classes this spring....almost there!

12.  A quick visit to Arizona to meet my beautiful great-nephew

13.  Another cold/sinus infection ....

14.  Oh wait it turns into a nasty ear infection where Mommy can't hear!!

15.  Three trips to the doctor and some goods meds so I can hear again

16.  Our first more snow???!!!!  keep your fingers crossed...nope!

17.  Winter soccer is over!

18.  Ah man spring soccer begins!

19.  NASCAR starts again - Jeff is not leaving his couch until September

20.  My spring break arrives - 6 more weeks and it's the home stretch!

21.  ......and the culmination of all this mess  : )  a new swing set (because our neighbors had to go and take their really cool one with them!!)

I'm sorry guys.  I will be better.  I hope you all are well.  We miss you too Beckie!  It's just not the same without four little girls running over to my house the minute the bus pulls up!  : )