Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shopping with the Diva!

When we were little mom would take us school shopping at Miller's Outpost. Remember those! We would get to try on clothes and she was really good about letting us pick out what we wanted.

Well today Justice had a BIG sale going on so Kayla and I went shopping. We had a blast because she is finally old enough to pick out outfits instead of just a shirt or a pair of jeans. She can put things together and accessorize and the store had it all. Of course it was all from the 80's and bright neon colors. Too funny if you ask me.

She picked out about 4 outfits which are just super darling but the biggest thing she bugged me about today was a pink sequin hat. I told her she could either have the hat or the new school bag....the hat won. It was a fun day, memories and all.

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