Friday, July 24, 2009

Grad school?

So we are back from vacay and really enjoying our time alone without the kids. I miss them terribly but it has been a very long time since Jeff and I were able to spend this much quality time together. I think we need to do this every year!

A short note today and then maybe some pictures of the vacay early next week. I have a good friend - who I cannot thank enough for opening my eyes to new philanthropic experiences by the way - who is away at grad school right now. It is a program that I would be extremely interested in pursuing but it is very intimidating.

I have studied for five years now, some days were harder than others but I got through it all. I will graduate - finally! - December 18th and couldn't be more thrilled. So, the question that lies ahead is do I dare grad school? I suppose it depends on what I want to be when I grow up. I still don't know. The program is intense but tailored just for us fundraisers and the group is really small - 25 students per year accepted.

Hmmmm, a mind bending pondering thing this is.....we will see

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